Thursday, February 6, 2020


Why am I in trouble now just because I said something about someone that was pertinent without saying who, and they had messages for me where it wasn't comfortable and I was left out in some way?

So, basically people are talking to me in secret message and it's not always nice and I talk about it here without saying who it is.

So, the person I was talking about gives "fleeting" messages, too, but it's not necessarily "friendly" or something.  The messages are not intended to be left as and taken for bad.  I didn't say exactly what passed through my head initially because it was too hard to apply and would probably take too much time to do all the time, not sure if others deal with this better if it ever is like this for them.

I'm not sure, but I spoke to someone else in their life but not to them because I knew it would be hazardous of me "because" ... and see? this is what happens.