Friday, January 24, 2020


When I start to break in and gain trust, I'm in trouble for no reason; everyone brings it together and comes together and makes it happen.

Orlando is weak and limp and betrays people, like me.

Why does everyone want to ruin an older lady I "like" for me?

Why does everyone overreact if something weird happens with me that makes them think I'm bad?

Why do I feel I can't take any favors/compliments/interactions?

Why am I nothing suddenly?

I feel like I am being prevented from having an okay life.

Everyone's face glows at the older lady I "like," while I have to be considered bad.

So many people in Orlando are mean sometimes.

Why is it okay when the older lady I "like" gets something and I am ridiculed if she is nice to me?

It must be the "appropriate" reaction to her generation and I fit as bad.