Saturday, January 25, 2020


People think you should reveal relatives of people like me instead of getting to know me and forming a relationship, like, "Ooh,  your relatives did something there, so hot but pretend you are."

If you have a certain kind of good mom, do you always win? over/with others, too? in the big game?

People who are lucky to be able to have real relationships with very impressive people get very excited and seem "carried away" and "out of the park."

People think I am not good about music now, though before it was different, the opposite.  Like, meet people who already knew me.

Do you think white, friendly people know they will be ... "rewarded?" over others.

It keeps seeming like the older lady I "like" was with people I see, made like she is just goofing off while I have nothing, in that she was supposedly in a "relationship" with me and people freak out in my face about her, like she's for them instead.