Friday, January 24, 2020


Why do people believe I am inappropriate and connect it to my dad, including sexually?

Baby Boomers: At least our kids don't have any sex.

Generation X was set up to in the end want perverted sexual relationships with people they don't feel good with.  First, they do it with people they feel good with, and then it transfers to others they dislike for the rest of their eternity.

Late Boomers use Generation YZ kids to create conflict in others's relationships, by not raising them right, in order to attract pity without "doing the work" and therefore making people believe more successful families are bad and should even be punished or invaded.

Baby Boomers want people from Generation X other than me to be the best in old-fashioned ways without "doing the work" and saying in the end their kids are good/better because that topic was senseless; again, they think more successful people just have something up their sleeve.