Thursday, January 23, 2020

Emotional Credibility

People think I'm shit if I say anything about classical music.

I stumbled upon this in my research.  It seems other people are accepted for their brainy personality about classical music.


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Why baroque music can be hard to get into, and why you shouldn't give up if you don't like a piece and find a different recording.

Continuo. Continuo, for those don't know, is the written bass line intended to be played by a variety of instruments. There's always suggestion and common practices for who plays the bass line, but it often changes and there often lack very 'hard' rules about what can perform the conituo part. I'm a continuo player (I play theorbo) so my job is to play the bass line and improvise over it to provide an accompaniment for the soloist(s). Sometimes I'm given more explicit directions on exactly what to play, but usually I'm given a bass note and sometimes a harmony (figured bass).
So sometimes when you hear a piece and not like it, it might just be the performance. And with baroque music there's tons of variance between performances, much of it because of how much variance there can be in the continuo parts.
An example here is Handel's flute sonata in e-minor largo done with just flute and theorbo taking the continuo, and one version with harpsichord and viola da gamba both taking the continuo line.
As you can tell the feel and tone of the piece shifts dramatically. And it will even change a ton between individual musicians (IE between two theorbo players).
So, if you didn't like baroque music or didn't like a specific piece, don't give up as there might be a recording out there for you!
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