Thursday, January 16, 2020

An Active Schedule

I was thinking it'd be busy in a musical if I take the bus and am switching from trying the gym to doing gymnastics and ballet classes.  I just feel it's a healthy thing to do.  I can work out the ballet financially since there are so many times available.  The exercise I've done on my own has not been as effective, though.  I used to jog 30 minutes most days of the week.  I'm glad I finally got to work out some other parts of my body.  I could take a break, so-to-speak, doing floor workouts from cell phone apps at home again.  Maybe, I'll just skip gymnastics in February if I get asked to go to call-backs.  I'll probably burn some calories there, too.  So, I can do the dance at more flexible times.  The ballet/dance classes are offered at young people's dance studios labeled as adult and sometimes adult teen/classes.  It's a big thing, but I'm sorta lucky to have found a place I can do gymnastics.  It wasn't really advertised online; I had to ask if I could go.