Tuesday, June 11, 2019

YouTube Comment by Me


in response to another comment, which was very bold

playing in a competition in Belgium, maybe 1/2 Asian from her last name

It's a very accomplished presentation, recital, showcase, "what have you." She looks good in her comparison with others. I personally am having a hard time appreciating concertos. Since I don't get a lot of feedback with my violin playing, it cripples me in connecting to others. To most people, more "up and coming" skilled performers are probably just something different than the sort of era they followed, the result that came "out of the ruckus." Maybe, to peers, they are just lucky to have done it, something as beautiful as studying classical music. I know Germany etc. are professing of their love of music via classical music. It seems Americans grew up anticipating soft, serious, sad music from the violin, but in Germany it is something fresh and exciting. To me she seems very serious yet expressive. I am 1/2 Asian and wonder if she is, too, except I'm also from the US. It is exciting to see a Eurasian play. Her country sounds interesting to me, too.

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