Thursday, June 6, 2019

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I think my parents got me to get hungry for junk because I'm 1/2 Asian. I crave junk at some point but developed an appreciation and appetite for good food. I started off trying to fast and eat more healthy things outside of family meals. I went too extreme under stress and skipping meals and then bloated up. I was 16. I kept trying, I think. I was on little Chinese medicine balls for my digestion. I don't think it ever worked. Something in me must have disappeared regarding my developing figure. Next step, new life in new ways, I was still in high school and decided to diet again to not be so chubby. Also, being busy and always having exercise helped, but I wasn't like on a team... What I did was eat a lot of food but healthy food. When fasting, I tried not eating meat. I was actually at a camp. So, it didn't work completely. In college, I exercised even more, was even more busy, ate a lot of healthy food ... and I came back transformed and people being suspicious like something needed to be done.

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