Thursday, June 6, 2019

Joke: Twisting Time

I thought of a joke.  There's this older lady I met, and I also got into this older man.  They have some things in common.  The older lady was supposed to be my friend.  The older man tried to stop this by inappropriately stimulating her with all his little might there.  He thought the idea to be my friend was crap.

I have some other people fighting me about the older lady.  What if they thought I was supposed to be like that older man to her?  He sorta stole her from me.  These people used to be so encouraging and not as big a deal in my life in some strange ways like commanding over her because of things like this it seems.

So, I met an older lady, and people used to be suspiciously nice to me about it.  The joke I came here to tell was that what if I was like my enemies in relation to her.  I guess it opens up issues, like should everyone be overly stimulated?  It's not fair to ruin my relationship.  It's not fair to me.  It's taking from my life and supposing it is flipping the situation finally and giving to her.  In fact, it may have already been a solution hiding and in technicality.

To ensure things are things, the older man is not so popular in this way, but there are others who inappropriately stimulate her otherwise and he already ruined things permanently, at least with her.  I already had the opinion the only thing he did for her was make her forget about me.  The only thing she did for me in some ways overall is to forget about others too.  Most of our exchanges are resorting to recordings which are far but few, and then the constant abuse with hidden messages that should come out maybe in some way anyway.  Maybe, she wants to go down as a nice person and not just a robot, regarding what she does for younger people and in turn her situation with older people might be fruitful.

The joke goes over that these other people don't really do anything for her because it is revealed in the situation that what if I was to her like that other man.  I didn't see anyone else who wanted to do anything in relation to it, there, those other people who know her.  They are waiting to use it against me.  Maybe, it doesn't bother them because it's not their relationship.  However, they claim it's important it is.

Also, I feel uncomfortable that she likes me in a revealing way which I like, but it seems tense around others who act like she shouldn't be so nice to me because I don't deserve it and then their reason is because it's not them, not them that got it.  If this were private might be alright like other things in life.  It is strange how eager the mood is to get it out there or something.  It is true people will subdue me in ways they don't with others in a similar way, if she or others let them know about our relationship.  People were hypnotized and almost forced to do it.  It was a strange situation where people take advantage of me and many don't care but still are involved.

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