Thursday, June 6, 2019

Interesting Issue, Good for Discussion or Debate

How do you feel when you're beaten around emotionally and get this issue that's not in the Bible I'm guessing unless it's reached Revelations ... if people go for your sister say over you?  How does that go???  Like, say it was something like your favorite teacher and she meets your sister.

Maybe, it's still okay, but it's different from everyone else???

What if they go into people you barely know, even when related, because they won't talk to you or don't want to and that's okay?

I wish people wouldn't keep asking about it and just get it and move on.  I don't trust the Orlando area, in this way.  They're constantly picking at my relationship with an older lady and lagging behind mentally and asking questions like they're welcome and like they are not mean.  They dive in assuming I'm in trouble and worthless, off-shot of racism.

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