Friday, June 7, 2019

Ho Hum! WHAT!

Why are people tracking down my thoughts in a negative world?  I can say whatever I want like anyone else and not have people be mean just to me, when I wasn't wrong to them, hmph!  I'm not some toy, neither.  I know who does it:

Andrew Lloyd Webber is partial to people who don't post copyrighted singing on YouTube, it seems pretty clear, even though nowhere it seems to say, "Don't post online."  Oh well, sometimes it haunts me.

Charlotte Church is my age and she seems sensitive to if anyone says anything about her singing that's not all their type.  Well, most people like her a lot especially these days, I bet.  I tried to say as best I could what was strange, she's such a great girl and no one knows why she quit it seems classical music etc.

Tim Burton seems very critical.  I don't know if he is having problems from others, but I know 3 or 4 people who know him through the grape vine or working with him who died, some unusually.  He also is unclear about what's going on.  He acts like he has to care but fear the parents of people my age, like if we're not 1000% perfect he won't perform, perform his work or seems to have withdrawn for some strange reason because his movies seem a bit inhibited or shy, almost like a sacrifice but more seems to make a statement, like that he's afraid to talk to people more and do the same kinds of movies as before.

Ellen DeGeneres is unassuming.  However, I saw she gets really mad if she doesn't like something unfortunate that someone does, not sure who it's happened to.

Johnny Depp doesn't seem to be doing much publicly, like starting his own talk show.  Maybe, he's just a performing artist and isn't what he made it seem like, like we'd all meet someone like him and he'd always be available.

Unfortunate if you have anything critical to say about Jackie Evancho.  She's a sweet girl.

Andrea Bocelli speaks for himself, challenges everyone he sings with or whatever to get close to him in the way that they are uncomfortable, like to say he's your only #1 when you have other #1s.  If you act like you conquered meeting him, something else has to come up, I guess, or if anything weird seemed to happen.

Sarah Brightman likes to make a statement about important things and is distantly critical, but I still like her a lot.

So, how do all these other people get away with trash? when they talk about something on the internet about another famous person.  These topics are eating too much attention if they don't want to be talked about!  Post something else about them?  Maybe, "give it a rest."  I met someone who was not a pop celebrity, and these people intervened, though they were going to probably fold away for reasons I said.  So, I said everything okay.  I'm not given some ^special^ rules that said I can't.  Look at the internet filled with insults to famous people.  That's not me, I'm not being stupid.  Get it?  What I said was okay, it wasn't bad.  If people think it shameful that's too bad and I think they already act that it is shameful, fact, and no one cares and I end up suffering and taking the blame.

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