Friday, June 7, 2019

Funny Like "Black Holes" or "Bottomless Pits"

It's funny there are such cool things like the Freiburger Barockorchester that earn all this attention for being so fun and it's very interesting like what is the significance of the comment option waiting for? because maybe people who post a lot get chased off or it's like any other place otherwise.  Maybe, they yearn for more attention.  If the same people play in the performances, why is it strange to have regular followers, too?  What are all the things for people in the public if we can't even post online, anyway?  I guess they are generous to children/teens/students..  Also, they seem to "get it good" compared to American classical musicians, some who aren't as fun.  Because they "get it good," it makes other people wonder where they can find love, too.  Why is it so important to shelter this cute orchestra like this then...?  Some members do get exposed a lot, I mean.  I've commented on other things online, too, so I dunno what to say.

It's like people think that in general posting online is like you have to be the President or all you can say is a few things like you're an extra in a local play.  You know it doesn't take long to...
1) read an e-mail
2) start talking just to yourself

and I am posting on a blog right now, so cross that excuse off your list.

I hope I said all nice things and that people don't ^take this the wrong way^.  Maybe this is my commenting on the orchestra rather than all over their Facebook, but it's strange how people time their posts to only leave them every so often.  I'm just repeating the truth, not asking for something.

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