Saturday, June 1, 2019

Did you get this?

If you find someone who looks very much like you, why does that mean to you that you "get" someone else instead of someone else they are connecting with?

In other words...  So, you meet a look-alike and say, "I'll just take someone else's relationship," just for the money or greed?

I am curious if people are just ranked or if everyone is different.  If they are ranked, is it a game where there are not many cool people and everyone wants cool people?  They need to then admit they are not cool but bad.  They've foolishly already made a rule that people who are cool can't be that nice to younger people who are also cool; it may only apply to Late Boomers and Generation X.  So, they are making precious younger people feel they are not that cool to others and that they are selfish if someone they like is nice to them in a good way.

Also, why does no one care about what really cool, smart, attractive people say or need?  I don't think that because you realize they are human that bad people are the ideal instead.

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