Monday, June 10, 2019

6 Kinds of People I Labeled ... or is it 5 1/2?

There are a few kinds of people.

1. These people just cause trouble on the surface and in the end have nothing to offer like some people.

2. Some people can offer some form of sex.

3. I'm probably the type that is a sojourner, the general population and appeal. I always wondered if I'd be a top dog if I weren't mixed race or if something ^magical^ fixed life for me.

4. There must be more people who cause some social turmoil but in the end are normal people and don't really mean any harm.

5. I guess there are some bad ones, but even criminals have convictions and wits about them. They usually like good people like me and are pissed at others who make life a hissy fit. Most of them don't really care who anyone is, I'm guessing, since most crimes are different. It's funny racists don't open up to me but seem to be along the same vibe. Maybe, it's because I'm Eurasian.

6. There are innocent children.

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