Monday, April 15, 2019

"I'll bide my time..."

I have a short job now and want a part time job, probably working at a fast food restaurant in some way.  I want to furnish my room more for about $1,000.  One thing I'm getting is a loft bed with a table/desk at the bottom.

I've thrown out a lot and have some things in boxes where they're hard to access.

I live in my dad's garage, a room with a TV, sofa, bed, made up closet, etc.  I just go out for things like the kitchen and bathroom.

Hopefully, someday, teaching myself violin and German, I can do classical music in Germany.  I'm not sure about a backup plan, but I also wanted to go to graduate school for something, which can in a lot of cases be something different from what you wanted and chose to do in undergraduate school.

My room fills up, as some areas of the garage need to be accessed for technical reasons but not too bad, and I even put my dirty laundry in here, which is, like, 7 bins.  I also have an electric keyboard (electric piano.)  Some things aren't even against a wall, like I have a furniture island/isthmus/peninsula.

So, it may be a comfortable 3 months of working to get this all in, but more like 2 to be exact.  Then, I can save money for Germany someday.

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