Thursday, April 4, 2019

I got hired!

I got hired to work with the Easter Bunny at the mall!  I can greet, take photographs, and do the cash register, and I might have to be the Easter Bunny for a smaller amount of time.

It's 5 hours a day, not sure if I get a break.  I get paid minimum wage, which I thought she said would be $8.15/hour.  I go during the start of the day there.  I should start Saturday.  It'll be 2 weeks.

I am super excited because it's so much fun and will look good on me and my resume.  Instead of doing a job, the job is doing me and transforming me into greatness!  I was interested in children and for graduate school, where you can pick something different from your undergraduate major.  I am anxious about the 5 hour shift, thought I'd push for only 4.

I do need money.  I'm guessing I'll get $400.  I might take a break from working after this and go back again in awhile.  I also am inquiring if I can play keyboard or bells in the pit orchestra for a musical.  I applied to 2 other places, as well, a restaurant that sounds cool and a restaurant at a neat hotel by Disney World.

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