Wednesday, April 10, 2019


I didn't know Norwegian was a discriminated ethnicity.  I need to know.  Why would prejudice exist in ways that don't make sense? like concerning how Germans have Norwegian ancestors?  I think it's just because most of mainland northern Europe comes from Norway through Germany and that people in Norway/Scandinavia today supposedly are from people who lived further south, in Germany, longer ago.  So, the people living in Germany today come from Norway further back than the Norwegians themselves.

Norway may be special in some ways, but it seems/looks like it might just be an asset to bounce on and get the most attention for.  That's a coincidence, as Germany is probably one of the oldest white countries.  Darker countries I think come from where it's hot and people are black sooner ago.  I've done some research, that I could in situations.

So, Norwegians don't have culture as far back as fair, supposedly, too, though the facts would remain, otherwise.  No wonder the Anglo-Norman Irish are so fearful racially and stick to Ireland.

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