Monday, April 8, 2019

A Haphazard

People who normally show respect to some people like to take their ill will out on me.  I used to be more respected, but people think it's just too bad and have some overarching reason.

People think it's too bad and make my life abnormal or lesser because I am mixed race.  There is no such think as a stamp on an inferior race discovered and proven.  I'm watching DVDs from the library saying how people of the black color have achieved and that many things were their doing in some root, like musical instruments for classical music and the classical music itself.  They are an advanced culture that infiltrated the whole world.  I have to accept that, but I know there are other differences.  Anyway, people just lose it if they know you are not as white as they are.

It's funny, a lot of people fight to be the fairest, usually, but not in this case because they say darker people should be lighter to be accepted.

I think we're just following a lot of nonsense when we crack these jokes, but it's a basic function that comes in handy maybe.

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