Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Brown Eyes versus Blue Eyes - Intellectual or Overly Sensitive?

Are people with brown eyes considered more intellectual?

Do people with blue eyes veer through life being treated as overly sensitive in questionable ways?


Me Playing Violin

2/10 - Wachet auf - by Bach




People labeled me as shy, and later on I moved and people didn't accept when I came out of my shell, which I couldn't seem to do very well then.

Fluctuating "Sexually"

Sometimes, it is not wanted my friend is exploited and inappropriately stimulated, and then I feel hurt about it like that's what they want and is a punishment if in regards to me.

I'm ignoring this.

People want me to think like a robot rather than bouncing around happily with different thoughts.  Who else?

Opposite of My Race

I was afraid if I wasn't so hairy that I'd look like I'm not white/Caucasian, like my eyebrows.

"Frozen" - Admit it.

Anna looks like she was made to not be appealing like Elsa.

Worried About a Friend

It seems I have to keep worrying about how they'll mess up someone I could be friends with.

"Handling the Situation"

People aren't okay with how I deal with problems in my mind.

They act like I'm gay if they predict how I want to be in some way regarding this, like we have the same goal and I'm stumble and feel submissive along the way.  I just haven't figured out stuff and I keep getting messages that I give the same answer to.

If one thing goes wrong, they won't stop being mad.  I know that's what they do in Orlando, and I think that's gay.

A Solution to Their Situation

People are waiting their turn to ruin my life, like even if my friendship is fractured they want to make sure I'm not happy alone nor with others.

I feel like I'm sitting in a glass room on a hill with nothing but a toilet and maybe some toilet paper for clothes.  I feel like my bed landed in "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and I'm sorta waking up reluctant to the situation.

Why do people get away with being mean to me and judging my private thoughts and dealings with others in the past?  I am not mean to them, but I'm not going to submit to their treatment of me, and they think that means I'm making a fight.  They think I'm not normal but have become like everyone else.  That's the opposite of who I am here.

"Throwing in the Towel"

I guess you can never get close to anyone who has a family, so that's no one.  Either you have an attractive daughter or you have an attractive mom or both or something.  I forget what connected me to posting this, but yea.  I don't think I had that relationship/problem with my mom.


It's funny people think I have problems they have.

They keep treating me like I'm not as impressive because their moms are older than mine.  They keep thinking I have problems with my looks because they are unhappy about their race, but I don't.

I'm being put down and people are affecting me making it worse, all surrounding me it seems at random wherever I go.  I even get bothered hearing how the cars outside drive by...  Do you?