Tuesday, July 23, 2019

"In Trouble"

Generation YZ copies Late Generation X, but ideally they should be copying their parents.

"The Moment of Truth"

The English are made to seem to have trouble relating to the Irish, but apparently they do relate.

What would happen if the English were in "dire straights" and the Irish could chose to help or not help?


"Sex" does not mean "sexual intercourse" ... and "love" does not mean one person of the opposite sex for everyone.

It's funny how it matters if some people are excited to be loved and others not.  I guess I just caught people off guard, there.

At church, we sing, "Let us bring the gifts that differ and in splendid varied ways."  People today believe you should not be loved, it seems, because they think they only like Late Boomers, but Late Boomers are stagnant.  Actually, I know their parental generation are attractive.  Sometimes, they even fire up that only a select and limited number are worth what anyone "has" to have.  However, some people even become dysfunctional and confrontational.  I find that, if I meet someone I like a lot who doesn't like me for now, it's too bad and I move on, but I notice a lot of people in general put me on hold.

No College?

Just focus on my health and violin?


I was working to get extra money, for furniture for my room, but I got tired of it.

Change of Plans

Since I do get $450 a month to live on and work will not get me anywhere collegiate-ly, I decided to turn down if I am offered a job now where I applied.

Work soaks up a lot of energy and is not to be taken lightly when you are not in an ideal situation for it, as opposed to being supported or still in college.  You could lose sleep or fall behind if you're not bright enough, I'm guessing.

My Experience

I got to accompany 3 masses in high school and play in 3 pit orchestras.  Accompanying masses, I just played the melody with the right hand and added chords in the left hand but was good at sight-reading that way.  In the pit orchestras, I mostly played one note parts on keyboard.

I was in church choir age 8-18 when available, which was most of the time.  I memorized church music from the books waiting for mass, when I as 6 or 7 so I could remember it at home.

I did organ in college, too, for about a year.

The Truth

I can see that people in band start late but that people in youth orchestral instrumental ensembles maybe at school are very snobbish, seclusive socially, and feel overall sacrificially about it, no matter what age they start.

The Truth

People in ballet claim they like a lot of popular things but that the decision to do ballet was just that you liked it and not that you disliked it, at least in the US, like we are all happy to live in a free country that has so many ethnicities and like we have the benefits from any race.


I cleaned most everything.  I had already cleaned most of it, but yesterday I went through old papers, 2 small boxes.

I've more recently been through my many socks I don't wear, my overflowing T shirts and casual bottoms, and many bathroom supplies stashed away.

I had reorganized my room, too.

Still, there's more I could do with what I have and/or with new furniture.

Happy Birthday!

My mom would have been 60.


I am not sure if I am gonna work but applied for a job.  I get $450 a month otherwise.

If I go to Freiburg, Germany, for a week-long workshop involving some of the Freiburger Barockorchester, usually in the early fall, it costs...
- $1,000 to fly, including both to and from
- $100-$200 room and board
- food?
- free workshop
total = maybe $2000+ is safe

If I go to a Freiburger Barockorchester concert in the US, which is rare of them, it could cost...
- around $200 to fly, including both to and from
- maybe $100 for shuttles
- money to eat
- concert ticket
total = around $500+ to be safe

Other things I use money for:
- eating out inexpensively
- things I need at Wal-Mart, usually for the bathroom
- odd things I need
- things for me, like new violin books, furniture I need
- currently have a Sea World and Aquatica water park pass ($35-ish monthly fee and food, which you can't bring much food to Aquatica anyway)

I got tired of working before and it took a longer time to commute.  I just didn't get enough sleep, sometimes/often hard to get to sleep.

Most people who work in minimum wage jobs may go to college.  I am teaching myself violin now.  I would only work part time anyway and maybe only seasonally.  Most people who major in music may teach, if they want, and I can't teach violin, at least as of now.  I've been asked to teach piano, but I haven't done piano in a long time.

Last time I worked, I used most of my money to eat out, it seemed, but inexpensively.  I have a hard time standing there as the hours go by, as I'm not used to it.  I'd prefer to go to college, but it's expensive to move and I'm not very advanced in violin.  I wanted to stay in college but kept having problems academically and other things.