Saturday, May 25, 2019

"Snug as Bug in a Rug"

It seems like people turned off the reputable existence available of Hollywood.  People seemed to resort to its availability like "sliced bread" in the mid-2000s.  I guess it was a Generation XY thing.  I guess before, Late Boomers enjoyed life even if they weren't rich and famous and didn't let the idea bother them or "change a thing."  Now, it's the poor man's escape to resort to, whether as an actor or fan.  So, was it just resting on what they could get and how they could change the world for their better with figures like Johnny Depp and on the side entertainment by others or centered on Ellen DeGeneres or who knows who?

"What for?"

Do classical musicians expect to be complimented and glorified after they play down how lucky they are to be able to play music?

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Aladdin (2019)

The achievement of this movie is that they got together a respectable group of people from a mysterious race of people.  They are a step up in Hollywood.

My favorite character when the Disney animation came out was the carpet and maybe next that Jasmine had a bird, maybe a dove I had a toy of.

I liked all the characters in this one.  They were all amazing with different personalities.

For the sugar coating on top, I'd say it was interesting to think back to when I was in school and we had to watch out for Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.  That's not as bad as how the US thinks they are Hitler and the Nazis, these days, like people like me don't matter because of emerging popular stereotypes and such, blaming me for not being perfect as much as Jesus and His mother Mary or God.

I bet everyone loved Will Smith.  He was very cool at the end, too, being the center of attention and dancing.

The fact that so many main characters existed and were so good and exceptional made the movie "worth its weight in gold."


It's strange when you see more caring and intellectual people being the singers and the ones who want more attention being musicians.  Also, after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) came out, I'm guessing the reserve and covering up of musicians is gone and they all look more sporty than nerdy.

Wasting Time

Why do people always spend time helping bad people?

Possible Relationships

I was sorta happy I came home because I realized no one gave a care about me but maybe my parents, but I didn't leave for college only to become a dependent again and seclude myself from other relationships that were possible.

People can get along with bad people if they share similar demographics, like strict racial types.  The sin is what one may disagree on, but they would still be ^friends^ or comrades, even with major disagreements.