Friday, December 13, 2019


I plan to attend the main community college here and may take the following courses, if available and maybe depending on which campus location.  I was told to take only one writing class at a time.

You know, you get points for taking challenging courses.

Spring 2020
- English Composition II - 3 credit hours (online at another college)
- New Student Experience - 3 credit hours
- College Algebra - 3 credit hours

Summer 2020
- College Trigonometry - 3 credit hours
- Ancient and Medieval Western Civilization - 3 credit hours

Fall 2020
- Chemistry - 4 credit hours
- Physics - 4 credit hours
- Renaissance and Baroque - 3 credit hours

Then, I graduate, with my AA!

A Battle to Be Best

Pretty much it's a given people like people who have been treated special sexually to get ahead of others.  People want to get on the good side of those who are treated  special sexually.  They want to be their friend.