Friday, January 14, 2022

You know, I do want to practice violin, but exercise / the treadmill is helping my diabetes.  I need to be patient, too.  I wish I had more food, too.  I feel like I might get up soon, some things woke me up a bit.  I am probably a little tired.

It does feel wise to live in a group home and not work with my health and poverty as it is, so I can post online, of course play violin, etc., learn German with Duolingo.  I do wish I had more money.  February is the $40 annual fee at the gym Planet Fitness, too though.  It could be as bad as this month was.  I got extra money one month.  I need to call and see if I even have the right to have what I get, I e-mailed and left a message.

I would like to work, might still have time, need to call back Ticket to Work, too, maybe now.

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