Thursday, January 6, 2022

What I Should Do

I heard someone in the group home and feel like I was rattled like I couldn't go to work.

People outside are being mean to me.

People involved monitoring me in private are acting "carefree."

Do you think now I could work at Popeye's?  I want to rent an apartment for maybe around $700.

I still feel the effects of being rattled.  Of course, Cleveland is up and in it with their only solution being to ruin the Late Baby Boomer European lady I'm supposedly supposed to have a "relationship" with and the people involved monitoring me in private sizing her down and acting like they could easily ruin her.  Still, my past is considered tainted and I just go along while everyone is overly egotistical in foolish ways, but hey this is a place Up North and not everybody is decent or in line in ways.

I see an apartment today that is under $700/month but nice.  I can't pay for it right now so unsure if I can get it.  I have to call my work today to ask if it will support me transitioning from a group home to an apartment.  The group home is $1100/month at the 1st of each month.  I am hesitant to tell my aunt what I'm doing, at least yet.

So, working full time at Popeye's is a bit daunting, but it could work out.  I need a good breakfast like at McDonald's, if possible.  I have maybe $20 and returning something for about $8 maybe.  I didn't think of all this.

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