Saturday, January 8, 2022


They act clueless why it's hard for me not to get mad at them.  If I show any physically detectable sign of anger, if it's more than just being a tad bit more aggressive, they ruin my life.  They even get creative and "relate" it to something unrelated that happened around the same time.

They also make it hard on me if I think of a bad word by accident, almost like it's the same thing.

I'm sick of the sounding off of the maybe English Australian lady who leads a boys school choir near Sydney, Australia, constantly here, via the fire alarms.  She sounds so selfish and callous.  She just keeps going.  They even just checked in that it was somehow through her.  Boy, English are egotistical to poor Irish people.  She's not in England, anyway, but Australia.  I don't stand a chance.

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