Monday, January 10, 2022

Problems Abound

The maybe English Australian lady who leads an all boys school choir near Sydney, Australia is sending messages via the out of battery fire alarm in another room in the group home every few seconds sometimes and they're mean and manipulating/foretelling.

When I get on my laptop, the pages load like I'm getting such messages as well, via the people monitoring me in private posing as an obese, fair Italian-American lady.

They often function like I agree with them and keep going like I've submitted and so are onto the next thing.

The people of East Cleveland are annoying.  I know they annoyingly panic like it's the end of the world if they get that something unpleasant was said for me.  They are racist to me for being 1/2 Asian.

It seems people have caught on a symbol for me being dangerous for thinking about if I had breast cancer in a way.  For some reason, it seems a certain person may have "triumphantly" sponsored this.

I often feel mad they want me to feel bad about some things I did, if they are different than usual, for example, or I could do better it seems normally.  They do base bad messages on these things or at least I get some from people.  I get the feeling different people are involved.

They pretty much keep picking at a Late Baby Boomer European lady I'm supposedly supposed to have a "relationship" with.  Sometimes, they seem to want to finish it to the end.

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