Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Working at the airport sounds like a nicer, safer environment to thrive in than this Black community.

Is this my way outta here, work?  Or is every subsequent place I live gonna freak out and terrorize me mentally in secret?  Is just practicing violin etc. not even an option?

I'm focusing on 3rd position in violin now.  I just did it for 10 minutes.


I added a link on the side of this blog of Learning German under My Stuff.


I guess I'll look into some new group homes "Way out West" in Toledo, Ohio.

How to Learn German

Should I make a spreadsheet and/or flashcards?


I posted this to the wrong blog last night.

On my other blog, I added some my physical measurements, at the end of my Bio on the blog.

The English keep thinking all Irish are bad except that they're close to them and not Germany.

Ethnically German Girls

A lot of ethnically German girls have medium brown hair and may look similar to these girls.  Some of them have black hair.

(image source credit)

(image source credit)


I want mine like this but not in my eyes, so a bit shorter.  I want my hair to be a little below my shoulders.  I may toss it sorta to the side some.  I am not sure about parting it but maybe vary.

(image source credit)

I looked at lots of thick bangs, and usually they don't work out.

How did I chose my new wish look do you wonder?  I wanted to tie it back for tennis, which I hated to do once warm up was over at first, but like when I was trying to find dance classes don't want to be baldy.  At least, it means something important to me.  I often miss bangs as they grow out.  I considered all the same length or with some like to my cheek, but I couldn't decide my poison.

Since I can't have smoothies in the group home, I may have Asian tea, using powder and water.