Sunday, October 24, 2021

I thought helping the disabled was important.

Target Classes

Genetic Engineering: Theory and Application

Bioethics: The Law, Medicine, and Ethics of Reproductive Technologies and Genetics

Cake Decorating ART

Music Business is a form of leadership.  It's like both having power and respect/acclaim as a musician.

Hey, if film is important, so is music.

Most people aren't musicians for a career.  I even was interested in composing classical or innovative classical music.

It seems that college degrees are fun but are made serious just for those who wish to give their life to it and pay back college debt later if they have to pay more for school.  So, it's about time.

Decisions, Decisions

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It sounds like biotechnology would deal more with machines, but genetic engineering may be less of an administrative task.  I am guessing do genetic engineering if you want to design new animals or open the topic of genetically altering the genes of sperms and eggs.  It seems that I'd prefer biotechnology because of how it is innovative, future oriented ... and seems would be good to know biophysics.

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There's material out there for me to get into biophysics just because, if I didn't do art or need to do something else like socially or introvertedly, I could do this.

my academic #1

Now, I'm learning about biochemistry.  I was interested in something like this before, like messing with life, oh yea ... making human animal hybrids.

So, biochemistry it is!  So, I said I liked cloning and creating human animal hybrids.

Degree to Be a Cloner

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Some people are "not allowed" to have a hard time in school.

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Some people are just "up ahead."

Does anyone believe all are naturally and regularly punished for not being God and all that "sex" to everyone else?

Shuffled in With the Rest

I had a hard time because I am mixed race.


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