Friday, October 22, 2021

I noticed Californians bow down to Pennsylvania and tell everyone else to double over, too, but, when it comes to Europe, only their children and people mean a shit.

It looks as though I can get a Bachelor's degree in Violin online.  My meeting is next Wednesday, afternoon, online.  It could really open up some doors.  The college is based in Ohio like a 2 1/2 hour drive away.

I should probably get in the groove and watch some YouTube videos on how to play the violin etc. or maybe like the free online college music history course or find some good reads on Medieval/Renaissance/Baroque music.  I did study early music history, but it was not teaching us to play literature and it didn't generalize enough.  There may be some great performances online, think I've tried to find them in more recent years.  Damn, I miss Music Education, but most Performance and History majors may do things like teach in a college, even things not in their major in some cases.  I wonder if I need to study Music Business, but that's another sacrifice that requires a degree and not always playing, so guess not.  If it's easy for you to play your favorite instrument, your goals are probably safe, like to perform, if you are in charge of a group other than like a regional symphony orchestra. I do believe we need more orchestras, more interesting performances, etc.  I was filling out a form online and was interested in Music Composition, but I like learning the instruments.  If I composed, I'm not expecting to be great but could write a lot if for some reason it looks promising.  I don't know that you have to always be practicing a lot to be a success, I mean compared to others.  It's probably not something you need to drill like regular exercise, as most performers, other than church some, perform different things at different times.  It would be nice to accelerate interest.  I wonder I could just join an orchestra that performs old music or if that's temporary or something more you do at a college.  Hm.. maybe I should do BOTH Earlier and Later Classical Music!  Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque Violin, or whatsoever, here I come!  The Medieval violin seems hard to find but may be hundreds of dollars.  The Renaissance violin may also be hundreds of dollars.  I think they are around $400.  The Baroque violin can probably be bought for under $100.  I think mine was around $100, but the pegs kept slipping and a string broke.  They don't seem to sell them so much at Amazon, anymore.

The Final Stretch

I think I should just go for violin and live in group homes.  (And learn German.)

I need to get off these pills that make me tired and sleep more, too..

No careers, college, or part time jobs, until I can play violin as a career.

It is too bad my government money was reduced for no reason but might get it back.

Late Baby Boomers don't share, pass on, or better things such as a lot of experiences for Generation X.