Wednesday, October 6, 2021

I did some exercise.

Here's the original version of that song.

The bath was never cleaned/fixed!  😩


I'm just wanting a shower.  🚿


The tub is still not clean!  😭

No word on the tub, guess I'll go eat.

I might change and go to bed.  I can spray my bed later.

I'll wake up later no doubt, maybe practice violin and study German, eat something.

I may go shopping Friday after tomorrow when my glue on bandage comes in the mail.  I may get some food at a church, sometime soon.

I'm feeling a strange existence, rather like I can't end this suffering now and don't know if I will feel like existing much like a young person, in some ways.  Who knows what will become of me?  I mean I just feel like I had a lot of hope that was somehow crushed with my aging.  I'm 35 years old now.

That's funny, I got into Nick at Nite like "Happy Days," from a friend who stopped watching it.  I wish I got a blog instead and noticed could have watched "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."


This sounds like something preteens would dance to from my generation who did dance.

I see it's Chinese for supper, should I eat it soon?  I just had a piece of blueberry pie.  My breakfast nor lunch was that big.  Maybe, I will soon.

I'm a bit anxious about the tub.  I'm tired and might get in bed.  First, I'd like to shower, and I did clean the bathroom without getting too dirty.


I got a snack.  I'm still a little tired, might post online, do some exercise, post online, eat, if the tub is fixed shower, practice violin, post online, and go to bed!

I'm a little hungry.

I just cleaned the bathroom.

Not sure what to eat.

I had to buy some Neosporin.

I have like $30 of things to return and will have $40 for the month for food and toilet paper, but I can get food from churches, too.

What to Do

I feel uncomfortable, cold in front of this "AC."

I'm wondering if I should exercise just a little and then practice violin ... exercise for 20 minutes or something, take a break, and play violin at some point.

It's not hard, but today is my day to clean the bathroom, Wednesdays, wipe the sink, wipe the tub, wipe the toilet, sweep the floor easily, and change the garbage.  I should probably do that.  I have a cut, but luckily she has gloves for us, anyway.  I want to get it over with.

I just made my bed.  I have laundry to fold but may wait.

I have to see if I need to renew my library books.

So, soon, I'll go clean the bathroom?