Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Music Education

I've tried a piano teacher or so who thought I was too good for them, even had an Italian piano teacher from Juilliard (certificates) age 12-17, a nice old lady, from the Bronx.  We went out together and once at least went to Wal-Mart and ate at McDonald's.  She was also friends with my organ teacher / choir director, among many who have doctorates.

L.A. - Learning

Does L.A. want to learn from Europe?

"Is that before or-"

Saint Augustine, Florida, the oldest continuing city in Florida under Jacksonville, the big city of Northeastern Florida, has problems in the mind that people in Jacksonville don't have ... 👿... and I lived in Jacksonville before I lived in Saint Augustine.

Lovely Asians

Asians would be better actors overall instead of first violinists because they are so right and complete.  Also, no White people are showing up in Hollywood, in a certain way.

Bad People

People don't pester you so that they get something from you that they claim they want but so that they can outdo you!


Should people be famous just for being cool people?

Stolen Money or Forgotten Expense?

$89.55, but I can't talk to someone now and don't know what e-mail address it goes to.  It's enough to say it's danger zone if I buy the shampoo now maybe, and I'm worried more money could be gone somehow, but I'm pretty careful and good with this.


So, I found some new shampoo I like but am unsure if it's an emergency or if I should wait to make sure I don't keep spending, even if it's something I "kinda sorta" need.  There's a 30 day system set for about $50+.  It's called Keranique and is a keratin product.  It's for volume and even includes hair regrowth.  I was looking for an interesting keratin shampoo.  This set comes with serum and spray, I think.

Convictions - Parents

You know how you're supposed to be good at something?  What if everyone says it's just unfair, their parents admittedly made mistakes, like maybe they couldn't develop a talent...

Being Like Whites - All Races

If Blacks wanna be like Whites, can Asians, too?  That may be why they are how they are, in some ways, with others at least.

Right and Wrong - Doing Something

Did you do something or did you do something right?

Stereotypes - the "Nerds"

Some people are just more serious or "nerdy" than others.

Racist Meditation

Some people are meditating racism on me.

Racial Qualms

If White people have problems, they blame it on non-Whites.

Gradual Racism

I learned people are gradually being more and more racist to me.

In the end...

...there's no people.


People stall not to talk to me, but they talk to others.

"The Cold Shoulder"

Why do people have excuses to cut me off?  They think I've accomplished more and say I'll meet others anyway, my mixed White race seems to be it...

Why do people who are mean to me have nothing to lose and people are all on my case when I didn't do anything wrong?

About Talking or Not Talking

"Speak now, or forever hold your peace."  Since you don't have your bearings, you might hold out? I mean.


I'm well-liked at school.  My family should feel the same.

Racism! - Half and Half...

What if I was right from my dad's side which is White and fine on my mom's side which is Asian???

You'll let full Asians get by better than me to you Whites.


I got a "natural" women's vitamin and vitamin C!

Race - A New Time

Sane people don't believe I have more issues than most non-Whites.

People don't need to change how they treat me now that they are more racially awake.

My Fignernails

They used to be long as a baby and toddler, the pink part.

Okay, Okay

Here are my fingernails.

Silent Boycott on Classical Music

Do you feel that Generation XY has boycotted classical music?


I deleted the post about being wanted.

How I Look

Where did I get my looks from?  Not me?

Violinists's Small Fingernails

Well, some are big and short, mostly it seems.

I played the piano ... and did gymnastics since I was a toddler.  So, catch me!

Why do I have such heavy problems?

People are trying to get close informing me I have problems.

Something Really Dumb

Do people ever hijack your insecurities, which you are working on?  How does that look on them?