Monday, March 1, 2021

"The Money"

People believe things like that kids should make no more money than their dads.  This applies to other things.

"The Money?"

People wouldn't stop saying I'm in it for "the money" feeling of something, and they sit there and gape and believe that right for me, further, because of their own patheticness.


People are living under the fantasy I don't do anything or don't think much compared to most people.  Well, I'm not loaded with crap.  I'm open to new things.

We all come from different places and have different experiences and messages from "the world."  That's probably something people'd talk about figuring out, possibly, whatever they're really onto...


Does pretending to need to correct me give people something to do?


They're for children, size 5, size 6 was largest available, which is my size in women's XX or XXX.  They have glitter on them, too.


I got some crocs for $42.

Putting Down Suffering

Why do people like to feel cool putting people down? like saying it's too bad but they're good and just have to watch you suffer.


Everyone thinks I'm bad and that that means other people are better than me.

I always was considered okay.

Crazy and Mad

People went crazy and are mad at people if they're not a certain way, it's almost legal.

Having Kids

Should you let bad people determine if you have kids?


So, I'm not supposed to get something because it just means a Barrett wants the best?


The ballet will come in handy if I become a movie actor.  (I still want to learn German and violin.)

I bought a new cell phone cover.

I'm on a budget, but the old one is ripping.

This one is $32 free shipping.  It actually is for a 6s and I have a 6, but I read it's okay because it's 1 mm different.

Bad Treatment

I feel I'm treated worse than before, and I see others being treated better.

Me Playing Violin Last Night

"Too Good"

Do people act like some things are too good for only some people?

Like a "Baby" Boomer

If one Baby Boomer is like a baby, they all think they should be, well some.


I hope to get money to live from my dad dying since he can't support me now.  I could get financial aid and go to UF.  I want to major in German and Violin.  I wish I did it like 4 years ago, leave home and accept a school like UF.  I've been learning on my own, but this might be better.  I could also minor in German online there or major in it somewhere else online but sounds too hard to do it all alone without stimulation.

Being Apologetic

Why are people so apologetic?

Irish & Chinese

If Irish people are uncomfortable around me, it's because my mom is Chinese and not really Irish.

I've been tossing and turning an idea.

Saint Augustine, Florida was a nasty place, too, with some...  I think I lost my vitality.

Irish People

Aren't Irish people known for being especially attractive?  A good family of ethnicity!