Sunday, February 28, 2021

"A Piano Recital.."

There is one in this TV show, "Chasing Fireflies?"  Season 1 Episode 4 at the 4th quarter.

EDIT: It's "Firefly Lane."



Practically sugarless? variety of Breyer's vanilla ice cream.  With Hershey's chocolate syrup.

In Stride

I'm not sure, but it seems when you exercise you get hungry for nutrients and need some good "r and r" ("rest and relaxation.")  I had a lot of fried chicken today after usually having canned soup, and I'm just so hungry after this grocery trip and my blood sugar spiked.


Film is made to mirror reality.  Art distorts it.

My Reputation

People don't realize I already have a good reputation.


I guess minimum wage jobs are made for people who were delinquent.


If it's about holding out for who's best, why does everyone else seem to actually matter so much?