Thursday, February 25, 2021

Balance Book

People are individuals.

However, it's like people wanting the sons of richer men to just automatically be the same.


Maybe, I'll have fruit/frozen, sherbert, and Sprite mixed together!

BIG mistake

I found sherbert had the same sugar as ice cream but less fat.  I need to be making fruit smoothies!

Other Fish in the Sea - Fishing

People just want to challenge people like me, who have problems being accepted racially and who don't like it or something, that being nice to other races isn't enough.  However, full "White" people or Caucasians/Europeans don't have to do anything to gain acceptance from other races.

"Stronger in Number"

What if there was a colony of people who were mixed with White and Asian? or just Mixed Race in general?

You brought it among yourselves.

You said that being nice to another race "wasn't enough."

"The Tortoise and the Hare" - My Style

I feel like I'm being driven backwards in a race I already was ahead in or won.