Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Being Pulled

People seem to be wanting to pull me to the trouble crowd.

"A Trip"

Baby Boomers like to be straightforward and safe, yet strange things happen...

It's practically legal.

The classical music goes to the German Americans, instead of me, a part Irish and Chinese girl.

Don't Fit In

People don't think I work out racially like Blacks and full Asians.

They like mixed White Asians from Europe and maybe Asia better than Americans.


Can you not trust one more part Irish American girl?


The blonde looks German-American, who are very German through and through but of some ideal mold.

I'm a fan of the redhead.


2014 - Filipino

A Cool Guy...

If people are messing around about Tim Burton, what happened before to cause this trouble?  He either likes it or he doesn't or he's in the middle or out of the box...

THIS ... is from 1995.

Before the internet was common a bit but still modern times, how exciting it must have been!  Like the ballet!  What happened to everyone? "sex?"

I didn't QUIT music, I wanted to be a professional after singing in church choir my whole life!  It was my favorite activity to partake in, performance every week.


Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 1.55.07 AM

I feel like shit.

I feel like shit around important people who do important things.  I'm not used to it!


Late Baby Boomers ultimately are not one for service.


I'm no longer valid on some points.


 ...I guess it's your "thing."  😮

I know.

I feel if I flew from my homeland to Germany, I would be made fun of.

The Best Way to Listen to Music

classical music




Pointing Someone Out

You know when people use really moving people to say that they made a statement that it's not for some people?  Does racism seem to happily come in handy???

Like, they'll insinuate it by saying, "This person is amazing," when no one else turns from grazing.