Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Disney Dreams

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Sex in Discipline

I don't have this people pretending to be good parents to me disciplining me sexually how they are.

Dealing With Others's Kids

Why does the world have to deal with kids in ways their parents don't let?

Doi! Doomed!

White people sure like to adapt and interpret different flaws into looking like it's racial superiority.

Hello, some people are mixed whites and some are part Asian.


What is the answer always contradiction?  Is there any reason?

Amazing Music

Why are people looking to be amazed by classical music yet do not believe it is really that amazing?

The East of Europe

People misjudge me racially, like they have to be on top like if they're Eastern European because they know I'm half Asian.


All these hot girls get mad at me like I'm competition.

"Your True Self" - "Getting Away With It"

You know the feeling you wish someone would reveal their true bad behavior to someone where something would happen where you would feel justice?  People are so bad...  That's why they are different when these other kinds of people are around sometimes.


Why is generation A so "screwed?"  You may mistake them as an extension of Generation Z.  They copy Generation XY, and look where they are today.


Getting friendly?


If some people see a European that stands out, like say a German lady, they think it's an opportunity to Americanize them into "garbage..."

Big and Little

Being tall/big sparks people to feeling like a baby, while short people feel guilt and appear overly mature and shy.

Winner ... Loser

Hot people hang out as police etc. and people in security.  People freaked out about racism still think there's hope for them.