Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Do YOU ever dream?

 ...about being in a famous movie someday?  I have with multiple movies.  I was just wondering why there weren't so many English Disney movies, other than the fame with Mary Poppins (1964.)  Anyway, I'm a non-English American, but I wonder if they will ever make a popular version of Camelot.  I wouldn't want to be in it because I'm not English.  I don't know, but I like Logan's Run (1976,) though I'm not all white American.

"When life gives you lemons..."

"...make lemonade."

Well/So, when life gives a rash upgrade, you experience a major downgrade/downer, subsequently.

It's like, when you ask a smart question, you get a stupid answer.

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It seems to happen when too many people have too much access and say in one thing, in the wrong way.  Instead of suffering with resulting homework, maybe they were mindlessly "surfing the web" and somehow word got around.

It seems unexpected I would ever find myself in any legitimate trouble, socially (nor whatnot.)  It's probably "stupid shit" like that I wasn't a cheerleader, instead of whatever else I breached into.  More school busywork and less music, not a good thing.

"The Wizard of Oz" Remake!

They are remaking The Wizard of Oz (1939,) they recently announced, like in the past 24 hours at least some.  Someone found out and posted it on film|boards.

So far, the director is excited, but people online, like on Twitter, are, as usual, not happy because it ruins the original.  People are always at the top making this complaint of any remake, probably especially big ones, like Alice in Wonderland (2010) or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005.)

Who knows what afterthoughts will come up, maybe one something like when the internet became more widely available and Americans mainly functioned using the browser America Online, or "AOL."  It seemed like a huge deal to non-Americans, probably because it was so fancy or it limited them in communication in general, using the English American language as a common factor for more people and its subsequent, resulting opportunity.

Not that I would make it here, but I am about to try to make it in Hollywood for money and because I had to give up music for awhile and this was my following dream.  My mom died in 2018 from cancer and my dad is dying this year.  I have no way of supporting myself that makes sense.