Friday, December 24, 2021


People are just "out to get" a certain someone, and it's obvious.

"Why not?" they think if other people have problems.  "Misery loves company."

Some racists must have let them take over.  These racists and mean people are just trouble and need to be eliminated from such a social scene.

Sometimes, it's too late when I realize these things, but "that's history."  It's not my fault.

People like to hone in, survey a popular and broad situation, and bring out a message of controversy like bringing it up is an okay selfish point and pretending its urgency is truth.  They want the message to sink in.  It can become recurrent and ruin life, at least for some who suffer its effects for some reason, as things seem to come up naturally and when things seem too good for good people who end up suffering from this.

I feel like there's a tracker on me so people can make their kids ruin my life, like I'm behind...  As soon as I get a job, my freedom will end.

People think I am bad for sending my friends list advice in 2007/2008 when very lonely, and they took over the world and I don't really "give a care."  They just keep going, trying to insult me and think it affects me.  Other things happened, like me feeling upset talking to some, and they think it's out of line and to dictate how life is.

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