Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Knowing Something IS Wrong, NOT Right ... And "Jumping to Conclusions" In the End

It's strange how people in desired positions or popular posts like to base life on those who may tend to stir trouble.

Doesn't that account for a lot? in general.  Fame itself is only a few short moments of intensity, life is still life.  I'm not the one complaining.  Others make things along the way catastrophic, ultimately and essentially to get attention.  So, others care about a journey and things go wrong, but I'm willing to look over the minor instances.

So, I'm saying sometimes big, unexplainable "things" happen.  Someone you can trust may change and say it's all about someone else's resulting reflex or few words.  Then, the world seems to shut down.  For instance, people care more about the children of people born around 1960 and/or if they are born around 1995-2002?  Maybe, they don't even really do anything or give answers.

I am led to wonder why some people want to test the limits of fame and see how it affects a person, but why not themselves sometimes / in some cases?  Can it be a good thing OR a bad thing?  They may already have all of what they need to be famous in some things, which if they didn't have it ... may not have.

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