Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Food Tomorrow

I'm thinking of going to KFC for the sandwich and then to Cinnabon, tomorrow.  I may spend like $10.

I went to Cinnabon maybe yesterday, and I didn't get my extra frosting!

Yesterday, I had Japanese seafood bone soup, great stuff, mostly the bone and whatever liquid with a few "veggies" and a few seafood (shrimp and shellfish.)  Recently, I had Chinese, in Little Italy.  I like it, but I'm craving this variety.  I've been to Taco Bell a few times, too.

I've been exercising well, too, mostly treadmill.  I just did the maybe near 30 minute intermediate-advanced stretching.  I don't think I'm visiting the gym, tomorrow.  I still feel a lag.  The stretching takes strength to support yourself.

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