Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Already Prepared

I worked hard not to be able to have people try to humiliate me.  Like, people act like, if something goes wrong, they have to give me something to make me feel bad when they "just have to" take it away.  Like, I'm the loser and like I didn't give someone else a turn.

You may be presenting new characters, people "what have you."  They are acting like it shouldn't bother me, only to reveal "ill feelings" towards me ultimately.  What a refresher?  I'm a loser?  You waited for it to get exciting and made your move, like of course I'm in trouble when I'm like the best well-behaved person around!  Then, you act like I'm merely a receiver and have nothing to offer.  You keep glossing over that people are messed up from the 80s still and think that means you're all that but that different people aren't good enough.

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