Sunday, November 14, 2021

Youthful and Mature

The people of the Freiburger Barockorchester are "under the spell of" and transfixed by the lead violinist Petra Mullejans.  Her husband is 1/2 Norwegian, mom's side, and very pleasing as a person, as well, actually 5 years younger.  Petra Mullejans is born March 8, 1959, and her husband is born June 1, 1964.  They both cover up the darkness that can be presented by life..  They are very stern, but it makes me wonder if they ever experience overall setback by the scorn of others.  They are unique that people, including the members of the Freiburger Barockorchester, "buy" them.  They present themselves as even on the, "wicked" or at least "daring" side to weave through and network with popular people who aren't necessarily together or "all there" and who are even bad.  They get smart and are inviting because they are socially and emotionally competent and at least popular.

It makes me wonder about other people who simply seem to stop short, like they have nothing to offer anyone and have something on you if your past is not flawless or unquestionable to them, how explainable they make it out to be or assert/seem they see it as.  The only thing in place is that they themselves are seen as cool, trendy, and capable of leadership and possessing of good qualities, being mentally and emotionally stable, despite others and all odds.

So, I'm not trying to come off as bad! though, nor "mean," etc..

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