Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Why do some Italian-Americans make such a fuss?

They have this instinct after a long time to "go wild" and admit how bad other people are, at least to them..

Did you ever try to look into The Divine Comedy?

Anyway, they're not the only ones who notice how bad the Western World can seem to be. Who's complaining? They don't have to fill out their ethnic origin like Latin Americans have. They're of the European race unlike the Greeks. They stole the discovery of classical music or something from the Greeks, the science of music. So, they didn't really do as much of the fine arts as we think.

So, technically, is Starry Night like how they have one, main hit in a book, they have 1 hit in a painting? I know the French can do it, too, paint with little dots or something. Germans I know are famous for wood cut, like Tim Burton's style I've heard people or him say.

As for the fine arts, I watched a DVD on racism from the library a few years ago, and I heard that Blacks invented Baroque musical instruments, at least some. I haven't looked into this further. Blacks also invented art or something, like those bold colors into the mix.

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