Sunday, November 21, 2021


It's hard to believe it.  I was glad to get out of Orlando, with the house freezing with no heat, then cooking with no AC, septic tank broken.  My dad pulled the plug.  My mom was already long dead, so sad to say..

I remember coming to East Cleveland.  It was so hard.  I'm glad I'm in a new group home and recuperating and readjusting in my habitat.  I anticipate money from my dad.  Or, I can get a job and move to an apartment.  Online school would be good, too.  I'll go peruse majors.  The end goal is to play violin, though I do miss organ and have some proficiency, too.  I just feel a bit "shy" to play violin, now.  I like this practice.  I've played for 6 years, didn't practice enough or right, and am starting over but not "lingering."  A lot of people who used to play violin as a child show me off since they played in school.  So, maybe violin will be fun, but it seems so collaborative and I didn't play as a child and maybe it just feels unfair or boring in that regard and then even more wrong than playing organ or playing piano solos.

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