Monday, November 22, 2021

My Dreams: Space Driven

I had a few dreams.

Dream #1: I know one maybe I was supposed to be testing cars in an outer space environment but it was like a dusty medium blue with cars around with levels, kinda like 3D animation.

Dream #2: One was like a movie or rather theme park where you go around flying in a suit experiencing like a world and you go through places, like to other rooms.  I got hooked with 5 girls and we were called "3rd base."

Dream #3: Then, I was helping out with something, and it was a joke how people were walked over almost literally when others were pissed off.  I think my mom and dad and some relatives more in the distance were in the mix.  One Black girl thought it was so funny, and we bonded.  She was a little obese.  She said so after settling down and we all got away.

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