Wednesday, November 24, 2021

My Dream: Setting up and Getting Down

I was looking kind attractive, and someone very attractive came and talked to me telling me who she liked, 2 people, going through a list, telling me and my younger brother.

We were in a big room, kinda dark and brown, lots of young people and some older adults who looked kinda like a young generation.

We got tested.  Like, a long shot in our nose didn't hurt.

I got mucus in one test into something and it filled up a clear rectangular box.  I had little tubes in my brain, looked blue in the diagram.  I needed brain surgery or else maybe they'd pop out.

We reviewed for awhile.

We all got food, some flat breads, maybe healthy pizza, and a pan of tomato soup that was kinda healthy.  Mine fell over, we hand sandwiches, and someone's sandwich was where the pan was, we were praying or something.  I told someone.  They used like green pepper/pumpkins and made me soup in a huge pan, big enough you can get into.

I remember, a little boy was with my younger brother and I on a journey, that was enlightening.  Later, a younger boy was on the side of my lap.

The room was dark with long tables.

There was the mystery of the very attractive person, a lady.  People liked when I was in high school and involved in clubs a lot.

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