Wednesday, November 17, 2021

My Dream - "Seeking Help" or "Sleeping Hell"

I had this dream where my mom, who died, and younger brother were partially said to be like made of light were constantly throwing light/particles at me that sorta went through me.  The only way this stopped was by me running out asking for help.  I had to run out again.  Some people saw I needed help, and a kind lady, older than me below reached out a big hand and was very emotional and real, not like hiding behind a label.  She was supposed to be very good, like at counseling.

Also in the dream I know was my dad stretched out on a bed on a floor, maybe like a Japanese sitting on the floor..

The setting was like layers of floors without walls.

My younger brother was a baby, and I was in the room with him like when I lived in the oldest continuing city in the US, my parents in the other room.  I took care of him some, like poo'd a lot and I guess I tried to get him to sleep.  He was old enough to crawl.

I remember feeling very emotional and maybe in danger again since needing help.  I remember my brother pushed back at the top and I pushed forward to feel more feminine but not weaker.

It felt dangerous.  I don't remember much else.

When I needed help, it was an interesting environment and people were around, like girls around my age bigger.  I probably interacted with them trying to get help.  In some ways, that felt real.

Also, the environment was like sorta a jungle gym like Chuck E Cheese's is, but you walk and it's more like Dr Seuss.

It was just weird that the only way out was leaving those 2 rooms and asking for help, sorta frantically and out in the open but not out of control.  Otherwise, I thought I'd be trapped, like in the 1st room, forever.  I know I've been sleeping a lot...  I'm not sure if I should go back to sleep and wait for breakfast in the group home or maybe leave right after and be ready for my errands.

In the bedrooms, it was dark, too, like black, but I could see like my brother and there was our beds.  Other things happened and sorta between us, like an experience.

Oh, I remember.  My younger brother was a baby or like a toddler, too, and my mom wondered what he was doing.  He was made of like dry flesh and chords, kinda like bone, and it weaved and there was lots of space between it.  He was thinking, "Hey," like, "How did my parents raise me?"  He was trying to pick it apart and rewire it.  My mom asked what he was doing like she didn't know.  Soon, he was just a head, like a black robot maybe round with 2 round like things like goggles.  I remember, too, I went in my parents' bedroom and just my dad was there with the top of his body, like his chest, which resembles his fatal illness.  I went in and saw him like this a few times, at some point after or soon after.  After, my mom and brother started throwing the lights/particles at me, and, like I said, I finally left.

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