Sunday, November 21, 2021

My Dream Now: Can I Dream, Too?

Dream #1

It was very long.  I felt good again influenced by this area.  It was like a Protestant school but a dream form.

There were little classes to train to do things.

I wasn't supposed to have to think twice and was supposed to just do my thing.

It was misty.

I did mostly performance like classes of some sort.  One was to be an Administrative Representative or something, first class I think.

There were other little students and the teachers, who were bony and taller.  I don't know if the other students could do as much.

It felt very good.

Dream $2

It was long.  I was my age, and there were older girls and probably younger girls.  Another school, but more real.  This girl 1 year older was very neat and classical looking with a doll named Violet in a box, blonde hair.  I wanted a doll recently.  her hair was straight and neat, maybe feathery and coarse.  It seemed black sometimes.  My dad was in it.  We were in the backseat of a car on site.  There was a picture of a Black doll on the box I saw longer, too, and it made me worried, since I live in a Black community and it's not like living in a White one where people are sensitive to certain feelings I have.. like "coping skills" / "coping mechanisms."

It was very exciting.

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