Thursday, November 25, 2021

My Dream: Dad, I Can Hear You, From Beyond the Grave

I dreamed I was in a big building, concert hall, entrance, or school rather.  A famous singer and guitarist came.  I went to some people to eventually touch me because I was suffering.  Things were distorted, sight and sound, like hazy or not clear.  I had ear plugs in that I could hear my dad maybe through warbling with the hospital people, like he was dying.  It was like they were saying there's mucus or something etc.  I later saw a picture of my younger brother with his eyes covered, like he was deranged or something, wrapped with a bandaging around his head.  He was thin maybe with tiny cuts.  Maybe he had a cane.  I heard more later.  I was left finally after some stuff.  The singer gave me big ear phones and I heard like music and felt better.  I just wanted people to be okay.  I got up after maybe being approached and dogs there.  I ran with them like it was part of a performance and we went in the hall.  Huge pillars.  They talked.  I was alone with them.  They touched me.  I told them I was 1/2 Chinese, and one said his wife was maybe 1/2, Taiwanese.  I was Chiwanese, and the dogs kept nudging my legs and it ticked.  A small white one, kinda scrawny maybe with maybe scrawny ears was more below to support me.  I thin I imagined seeing my dad's fingers turn off or start to, like a red outline there somehow in some way representing the blood that was there.  It pretty much ended.  The whole time was like morbid and at the beginning warbly.  I remember now too a teacher who was blonde seeing her daughter and so happy she was so healthy and a cheerleader.  People were tall and slender.  I saw from the back I think them mostly.

I am listening to music that warbles with earplugs.  It's pretty loud but not for being awake too much for me.  I kept suffering, in it, maybe from diabetes.

ADDED: I remember later on after a lot of suffering, my dad wanted to be the first and I said it.  I heard a voice that showed me my mom or something that seemed like her the night she died I think say, "You have to say it, and then it's it."  I was afraid of claiming what I didn't exactly understand, but I said it, "You're first!" and also wanting to ease his pain. Then, it went off, must be happy, something he wanted from this world before moving on.  He was wishing for it in pain.  Also, I was supposed to worry about saving someone else who was still alive, maybe, and it made me flustered.

ADDED: Both my parents got sick and died over 2 years, 4 years total.  My mom had 3 kinds of cancer: breast, bone, and eye.  My dad drank poison in the Marines during Vietnam (but didn't have to go) and also because of diabetes, his muscles wouldn't regrow, an unknown condition now.  His lungs shrunk like twice their size.  He had to walk around using a cane, then walker, then some kind of wheelchair I think, and then a scooter.  He looked good.  When he had a hard time moving or using his voice, he pulled the plug but had maybe a year.

ADDED: When I touched people, like their side, the pain went away.

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