Saturday, November 13, 2021

I know why people hate me.


I am thinking of 4 things now:

1 - How I flunked college…

2 - I spammed my e-mail list advice when I was very painfully lonely and apologized as I did it, for months.

3 - How I sometimes spent my parents's money they gave me, like getting toys for my younger brother's dog or food in college.

4 - My violent/out-of-control/aggressive/unexplainable (but not hurting people nor in illegal ways) behavior when people would not stop being mean to me. I'm not sure what could have happened.

I know there are many things that people are supposedly scared about with me, but the biggest is probably when I lose responsibility for my schoolwork, though I'm always behaved and usually get all A+'s. What happens is my previous classes don't prepare me to leap to advanced ones.

I think other things people lose it with me for are just pretend and it's really validated, according to them, that I did do something, at least 1 thing, bad enough, and it's like/one of the things I listed.

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