Friday, November 19, 2021

Just a Dream Away

First, I had a dream with my relatives like at a sorta medium-sized vacation cabin we'd been at.

I remember I kept falling down and around like in circles in a pattern and these black images kept popping out, maybe like Alice in Wonderland.

I remember I was in bed in a room with another girl, maybe a big place with other beds or just 1 more.  We were dreaming and making our lives whatever we want.  I remember once I may have held her hand, from sitting up in my bed looking out.

It was still dark, and there were some maybe old European Spanish people, kids.  Someone had me in charge.  I led them.  I remember one was a danger and weak and they put him in a jail cell with other inmates in a bed, as it was time to sleep.  I found I was in England.

Other things happen I cannot recollect, out of the dream now.

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