Wednesday, November 10, 2021

I was thinking if I get a job part time plus the SSI, I’d actually have enough for a studio apartment not in the projects and if the job goes well maybe I can move to an apartment. I’d get $1,300/month from the job at the most and $600+ from SSI, so that’d be like $20,000/month. Some studio apartments at Apartment Finder are like $700-$900/month. First, we have to see if me at a part time job works out, like I don’t get tired or lose too much sleep like before. Hopefully, it’s not too long a commute from here, too. I could get Food Stamps, too, maybe $200/month, if I lived in an apartment. I was thinking of moving to another group home because the people here annoy me, but I may just move to an apartment. It’s hard to find a group home with openings. So, I can look at apartments and get interviews for part time jobs I like, like a waitress at a hotel or cashier at Chick-fil-A. I hope I only have to work 4 hours at a time, could be 5 days a week at 20 hours a week. I would need to make $16-$17/hour, though, at those hours, to pay for the apartment, so I dunno… Waitress at a hotel is like $8-$11/hour but a good stepping stone and for now. Maybe, I can hope to get a job like that first and look for a higher paying one, meanwhile. That way, I can pay to eat out here, and I can move to an apartment when I find one that’s higher paying.

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