Friday, November 19, 2021

I still feel high in my blood sugar.  I think I missed a diabetes pill, may be out of one.  I have that like jittery feeling, like in my legs mostly.  I haven't had much sugar, today, carbs as the buns at Burger King, fish and chicken for $6.  I know I didn't get as much strenuous physical exercise as I wanted.  I ate less healthily than I wanted, as well.  They gave us too much carbs in the group home.  I have to avoid the noodles / macaroni and cheese.  I also can't eat the waffles at breakfast, gives us 2.  So, I just have eggs or sausage.  She has cereal like Cheerios.  If she gets other kinds, the boys get hungry and eat it at night.  Those were the days...

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